Keane Acquires Innovations in Technology (Healthcare)

  • Keane Associates of Wellesley acquired Innovations in Technology of Smithtown, N.Y. for an undisclosed amount of cash and notes. (Source: The Boston Globe Thursday April 10, 1975 - page 21. Retrieved from

  • From the 1975 Annual Report - "Through the acquisition early in 1975 of innovations in Technology, a New York area supplier of hospital information services, Keane has expanded into providing total systems solutions-a technique through which a supplier performs the complete computer systems function for a user."

  • From the Oral History Interview with John Keane - pp 12-13

Keane: ....Then in 1975 we acquired our healthcare systems division and that was hospital software that did everything a hospital needed, for a fixed monthly fee. And we provided the computer.
    Campbell-Kelly: So who did that, who was the acquisition from? Who created that system?

    Keane: It was out on Long Island and we acquired that company.

    Campbell-Kelly: And what did you acquire? Was it a piece of software, or people or machinery?

    Keane: All of the above. They had several hospitals installed. They installed their
    billing and their accounts receivable and a couple of other areas. They had computer programmers
    and a computer on site and charged them something like $20,000 a month. And so we picked it up 
    and we ran with that. And that’s now turned into our HSD division which has made quite some
    refinements on that system.

    Campbell-Kelly: What does it supply as of now? Is it still supplied as a turnkey system, or is it
    simply a software product now? What’s the difference?

    Keane: It’s a software product. In some cases we’ll do a turnkey system. It’s our
    software product. We will modify it a little bit for them and we will sell it to them as a turnkey
    system and then we will maintain it — just like PeopleSoft or SAP or whatever package. That was
    the first package that we sold. 

  • Merger filing with the state of Massachusetts -