Nichols Donut Shoppe

In 1965, John Keane founded Keane Associates, Inc. The first office was above Nichols Donut Shoppe at 77 Main Street, Hingham Massachusetts.

"After we started the company, we obviously needed an office. And I realized that we'd be spending many, many long hours so look for an office close to home on a very, very tight budget (smile). So I found an office over a donut shop - Nichols Donut Shoppe in Hingham. The rent was terrific, only $60 a month. The size of the office was about 10 ft by 12 ft. You couldn't put much furniture into it. We were able to buy a desk and a chair for about $200; and then to fancy up the place a little bit, a neighbor sent over a philodendron plant and that's how we started the business." (John Keane from the History of Keane video 1965-1993)